Quickfire Master Controller II

The Quickfire Master Controller II is a user-friendly hybrid system that can be fired manually, semi-automatically or in full automatic mode.
It’s simple to use, and perfect to fire low-budget displays right through to the largest pyro-musical spectaculars.

The system consists of:

  • A Master Unit
  • Software

Four software packages are included with the Master controller –

  • QuickFire Choreography
  • Shotmaker
  • TimeCode.
  • Show Controller
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The QuickFire software is compatible with Show Sim, FireOne Cue Maker and Finally Fireworks.

  • During a display each Quickfire field module is in constant communication with the Quickfire master controller via a ‘heartbeat’
    signal. If this communication between the two fails the field
    modules would cease firing until the signal is re-established. Once the signal is re-established rather than just commencing
    at the next shot the modules commence firing when their next cue is due, skipping any cues that were due while the signal was lost
  • Solid state electronics – no moving parts.
  • Capable of firing up to 99 QuickFire 32-Channel wireless rails, giving a grand total of 3168 cues
  • Detachable goose neck panel light (adjustable brightness level)
  • Detachable antenna
  • A series of LEDs indicate the wireless signal strength, and communications activity
  • 128+ bit encryption locks the module to its slave units to prevent any disruption
  • Repeating functionality
  • Two way communications between Master Unit and Wireless Modules (bio directional)
  • ZigBee Wireless reliable mesh network technology using 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) RF transmission strategies
  • Removable key to ensure security. The key switch has 2 positions TEST and ARMED mode
  • Designed to operate in diverse temperatures with built-in temperature and humidity sensors to detect if over or under temperature conditions are approaching
  • Membrane keypad
  • Made with industrial components to ensure the system is robust
  • The Master Unit is enclosed in a roughed Seahorse SE520 case to ensure it remains dust free and water resistant
  • Quick-Sync – Allows manual adjustment of the pitch of the firing file, to keep in sync with the music as required
  • Shot tracking this feature allows tracking of fired shots, and on which rails
  • LED capture – the unit displays only the ‘ready’ shots which are discovered in the ‘test’ phase
  • File continuity scan compares a show file to actual connected shots, and alerts any differences
  • Using manual sequencing, any rail and cues can be sequentially fired at selected timing interval, up to a programmable sequence range
  • LCD Display so the operator can monitor aspects of the
  • Wireless & 2 wire communication for redundancy


System including:

  • Inbuilt rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 16.8V 5200mAh
  • An external power supply input
  • Shot tracking
  • Battery status
  • Show file name
  • Display duration and elapsed time
  • Countdown timer to the next cue
  • Next cue and firing module number
  • The Master Unit has a dead-man switch to ensure the System can be shut down quickly
  • Trigger switch to manually fire one shot at a time
  • Trigger switch to start a programed file
  • Trigger switch for manual sequencing
  • The controller firmware is upgradeable using a PC and USB cable – reduces downtime
  • Replaceable memory
  • Using the software, Show Files can be downloaded directly to the QuickFire Master Unit through a USB
  • Stores up to 2 firing files
  • Input DC jack for when external power is required
  • Lockable rails, selectively prevent firing even in full automatic mode.
  • Pause Play button enables pausing the firing and then continuing from that point
  • Pause continue button enables pausing the firing and then continuing further down the line while keep the show still in sink
  • Multiple processors monitor each other for proper operation.
  • Proper operation of both processors is required to fire shots.
  • Four output triggers which can be used in conjunction with the wireless network to provide a backup firing command signal.
  • Software included
  • Wireless & 2 wire communication for redundancy
  • Selectable sequencing
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Quick-Sync
  • Field module monitoring
  • Constant communication (bio directional)
  • Signal strength indication
  • TX & RX indication
  • Ability to monitor receivers (eg:Battery status, Humidity, Temperature)
  • Ability to change firing output voltage on the 32ch receivers from (12, 24 & 48volts)
  • Firing resolution 00:00:00:000
  • Dimensions (L W H) 38 x 31 x 18 cm (14.85” x 12.15” x 6.85”).


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