Choreographic Software

  • Visualise the music beat for accurate effects synchronisation
  • Insert cues easily
  • Select effects easily
  • Manually adjust timing as desired
  • Quickly assess the performance for any “black spots”
  • User customisable effects database
  • Generate reports and labels
  • Program shows into the QuickFire Master controllers
  • Save shows for future use.
  • A world first Cut, copy and paste the entire music score and cues into a new or an existing project
  • SMPTE 25 & 30
  • Auto save mode
  • Auto assigning of cues
  • Display resolution 00:00:00:000
  • And much more

Cue arranging software

  • Label printing
  • Report printing
  • Cut, copy and paste function
  • and more functions

Time Code Software

  • Allows you to create a SFK time code.
  • SMPTE 25 & 30
  • convert WAVE to MP3
  • Convert MP3 to Wave
  • Lead in time
  • Chanel mixing options
  • Mp3 kbps selection

Show Controller

fireworks software screeshot

This program allows you to Fire your display with a PC and

  • Edit display
  • Upload programs
  • Keep track of fired shot
  • Keep track of up coming shot
  • Create a TimeCode on the fly
  • Create a lead In time
  • Firing resolution 00:00:00:000
  • And much more