Firing hardware & software

The QuickFire System consists of a minimum of two components, and software:

World Wide



& Master Controller 2

Pyrotechnics Firing System

We are proud to say that this is the first firing system in Australia to use ZigBee wireless mesh networking technology.

Communication between devices is secure – data is transmitted with encryption and at a frequency of 2.4 GHz

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) RF transmission strategies – therefore it is not susceptible to interference from other common transmitting devices such as two-way radio or mobile phones.

Apart from allowing control signals to be repeated across multiple wireless firing units ZigBee technology has the intelligence to reroute signals to the next available firing unit instead of relying on one main transmitter.

The intelligent design doesn’t stop there. The QuickFire System has been designed for reliability and fail-safe operation.


  • An intelligent automatic show recovery function that can detect a system error and restart the controllers within three tenths of a second and then continue, in sync with the show, and the soundtrack
  • Enabling firing units to work independently from the master unit, each firing unit holding local copies of the firing instructions eliminating firing delay and improving the reliability of the show
  • Constant heartbeat monitoring and synchronisation the wireless units remain in constant contact with the firing unit – and will reestablish communications links if this is lost, firing the next due cue, in sync with the show, and the soundtrack
  • A dead-man switch that must be held in by the operator for a show to continue once released the show will stop.