20 Channel Wireless Receiver Unit

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  • 20 Channel Wireless Receiver Unit

    The 20ch Wireless Transceiver unit is one of the most versatile, user-friendly systems on the market today. It works seamlessly with the QuickFire Master I or II Master Controllers and is also manufactured to the same standards. It is enclosed in a Seahorse SE300 case for durability in the field – ensuring the device internals are kept water and dust-resistant. Use of a membrane keypad allows easy control without exposure to the elements. It monitors temperature and humidity in case of extreme weather conditions that could affect the system and alerts the master controller. As well as receiving control from the master controller, it can be fired with the “input trigger” switch on the receiver control panel.

    For multiple firing positions, connect wired 24-Shot rails for more firing options. All 20 on-board cues can be fired simultaneously if required with a 32V at 4A firing out. Show files can be downloaded directly to the receiver. One cue can also be used to trigger another 20-Channel or 32-Channel controller to start their own show files. Alternatively, the input and output triggers facilitate daisy-chaining and triggering of multiple units. Safety: While the system is off, all cues are shunted to ground. A key-switch prevents unwanted firings and allows for a test mode. The test mode permits communications with the master controller to report continuity status. An internal ‘charge pump’ ensures power isn’t available to the firing circuits until the system is armed via the keyswitch.

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